Sale of heifers/ Beef heifers

Sale of heifers/ Beef heifers

We specialise in the delivery of breeding heifers of many breeds and categories.

They are mainly:

  • weaned calves - 7-10 months old
  • heifers - 11-16 months old
  • heifers to cover - 17-24 months old
  • heifers in calf - in calf from 2-8 months

We have direct contact with associations of cattle farmers of Limousine, Charolaise and Blonde d’aquitaine breeds in France. We have also contacts with associations of cattle farmers of Hereford and Simental beef breeds in Germany, Denmark and Austria.

Here are the zootechny requirements for these animals:

  • beef cattle of pure breed with a correct build of body, legs and muscles;
  • minimum two generations of ancestors visible in the books of cattle for breeding;
  • Documentation for every heifer:
    • an official export pedigree (original certificate);
    • an animal’s passport;
  • Breeding documentation for the whole lot of delivered animals:
    • a veterinary certificate of health written out by an official veterinarian who comes from the region where animals were born;
    • identification of animals through official earmarks with an identification and a breeding number which is consistent with a breeding number in an export pedigree.