Heifers for sale

Heifers for sale

Domestic Holstein-Friesian heifers

We sell domestic farm heifers not only from Wielkopolska province but also from other provinces. The animals can be selected either on farms belonging to the owners of the heifers on sale or in our base in Gutowo Małe (near Września). So far the heifers have been delivered to farmers from Poland, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Uzbekistan.

Holstein-Friesian heifers − import

We import heifers in calf of the Holstein-Friesian breed (of black & white and red & white colour) from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. A purchaser selects animals on the farms abroad (only if he or she is to choose more than 10 animals) or in our base in Gutowo Małe (near Września).

Holstein-Friesian cows in calf − import

Germany is the main country in which cows in calf can be bought. The selection of the animals takes place directly on German breeding farms.

Dairy-beef heifers – import

Heifers of Simental breed imported from Austria and Germany and heifers of Montbelliarde breed imported from France are those which are usually sold. A purchaser selects animals directly on breeding farms abroad.

Beef heifers

We import beef cattle of many breeds mainly from France. A purchaser selects animals directly on French breeding farms.